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You have found your way to my home on the internet.  Please come back often - I'll frequently update the site to reflect new releases, personal appearances, and anything about me that I hope you'll find interesting.

I currently have 3 novels that were published in the traditional way, with four others that I released as ebooks.  You can see them all in my books section.  I'll also keep you posted on forthcoming works.

My charity drive continues!  I just donated another $40 to the St. Louis Children's Hospital oncology ward.  And I will continue to donate $1 to them for every book I sell.  Thank you for helping me to support this great facility!

The sequel to my thriller novel, Martyr's Inferno, is finished and has gone live!  Currently, The Pythagoras Enigma is available on for $2.99 on the Kindle.  And it's now available in paperback, as well!

Ironman Arizona was a complete success!  I'm already planning my next race.  I should have some pictures of the event up before long.

Congratulations to Terri D. of West Texas!  She was the winner of my Kindle Fire giveaway.  In addition to a brand new Kindle Fire, she received:
  • A paperback copy of More Than Magic, by Rick Taubold;
  • An ebook copy of High Moor, by Graeme Reynolds;
  • An ebook copy of To Demons Bound, by Robert Vardeman;
  • An ebook copy of my next novel, 14 Days 'Til Dawn

Thank you to all who participated!  Watch for more promotions in the near future!

Above: My wife, Jill, and our daughter, Erica, and me, on vacation near Sedona, Arizona, on our way to the Grand Canyon.

Left: In one of the glass booths at the building formerly known as the Sears Tower, in Chicago.  They have glass booths that hang out over the street, about 100 floors below...
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