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The Killing frost
My first published novel, released in 2006 from Medallion Press.  Frost a science fiction novel.

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The Piaras Legacy
This was my second novel, released in 2008, also by Medallion Press.  It falls into the medieval fantasy genre.  The sequel was released in January of 2012.

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New Dawn Rising
This sequel to The Killing Frost was released in 2009.  Arano and his friends are back, this time on the Bromidian homeworld.

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Martyr's Inferno is my police/thriller novel, based in Bloomington Illinois.  I released them one directly to ebook through and, with a paperback version available through

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  My fifth novel, Archon's Gate, is the sequel to The Piaras Legacy.  It is available through the usual outlets:,, and
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