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The latest contest will send a brand new Kindle Fire to the winner! During the coming weeks, all nine of my novels will spend 5 days as a free download through Amazon's KDP program. To enter the contest, simply download one or more of my novels (either during the free time or as a paid download) and post a review to Amazon's site. Once the review is up, notify me by email, and you receive an entry to the contest... with one more condition. You have to provide a guess for my finishing time in my next Ironman Triathlon race. More details in a moment.

As for the reviews, it doesn't matter how many stars you give a book. Five star, one star, anything in between, all good. I'm not trying to stack the book listings with phony reviews. I am simply trying to boost the number of honest reviews of my work in order to try to get them noticed. And as that goes, one book in particular needs some attention: 14 Days 'Til Dawn. I really think it's one of my better works, but since it doesn't fit cleanly into any particular genre, it has become lost in the book list. For that reason, any reviews of 14 Days will provide the reviewer with TWO entries in the contest. As for the other books, they are all equal. All I ask is that you go gentle with my first two series of books: The Killing Frost, New Dawn Rising, The Piaras Legacy,  and Archon's Gate. I look back at them now and I cringe at the flaws. So please... be nice.

Now a little info on the race my reviewers will be sending their guesses on. An Ironman Triathlon involves a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike course, and finally a full marathon at 26.2 miles, for a total of 140.6 miles. For all but the ellite athletes, this is an all day event. The upcoming race will be my 6th. In four of my previous five races, I finished in under thirteen hours, with my fastest being in a little over 12 hours and 20 minutes. The other race involved mechanical issues on the bike, and some throwing up on the marathon, leaving me with a finishing time of well over 15 hours. So that's quite a range. The longest time allowed in Ironman is 17 hours. I'm actually hoping to break the 12-hour barrier. But so many things can go wrong, there's really no way to know until I do it. It's possible I won't even finish, but that would be extreme. I just raced a half-iron distance triathlon where I crashed my bike. I had a lot of road rach, a torqued back, a dislocated finger, and some serious bike damage. I had 40 miles left in the bike portion, and a half marathon to run, but I finished.

So when you email me to tell me you left a review, give me the hours, minutes, and seconds you think it will take for me to finish. The official time for the contest will be the time provided by Ironman. I'll be timing it with my watch, but I won't shut it off right when I finish.I'll probably post my watch time on Facebook right away, but I'll follow up with the actual official time. The closest guess will win the Kindle Fire. In the event of a tie, the Kindle will go to whichever email came in first.

Deadline for contest entry is midnight on the night of November 17, 2018. The winner will be announced the first week of December, and the Kindle will ship immediately after.

Good luck! Here is the schedule of free downloads:

14 Days 'Til Dawn: October 26 - 30

The Killing Frost and New Dawn Rising: October 26 - October 30


The Piaras Legacy and Archon's Gate:October 24 - October 28

A Matter Of Faith, The Omega Sacrifice,  Martyr's Inferno, and The Pythagoras Enigma: Oct 31 - Nov 4

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