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Rick and I both published through Medallion Press. Though we have both parted from that publisher, we remain in close contact and are planning some projects together. See our blog, in the other column!

Robert E. Vardeman
Bob is a prolific author who has been publishing for decades. He wrote the cover blurb for The Piaras Legacy.

J. A. Konrath
Joe is a tremendously talented author, and a hilarious guy besides. I met him at an authors' conference in Chicago. With the help of Barry Eisler, he is leading the charge for self-publishing.

Tasha Alexander
I met Tasha at a writers' conference and book signing event in Peoria, Illinois. She is a wonderful person and a very talented writer. Her genre is historical mysteries.

Kelle Riley
Kelle was also at the Peoria conference and book signing. She is very outgoing, which helped provide her with great results at the signing. She writes mystery / romance novels.

Luisa Buehler
Lisa was my third partner in crime (no pun intended) at the Peoria conference and book signing. She writes murder mysteries, with four of her works currently in print.

Julie Hyzy
I met Julie at Love Is Murder in Chicago back in 2010.  She is a great writer, and a person who is always willing to help with advice and assistance.
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Rick and I have started a blog regarding advice for authors. We have topics planned for every step of the way, whether through traditional publishing or the self-published route. Check it out!

Marti Kanna of New Leaf Editing helped me rewrite my first work, The Killing Frost, and together we made it into something marketable. For anyone who is aspiring to write but struggling for the right words, I highly recommend her services.

I served in the 82nd Airborne Division for four years as a paratrooper in the airborne infantry. This site tells a little of what it's all about...
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