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New Dawn Rising

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A year has passed since the end of the conflict between the United Systems Coalition and the Bromidian Empire. From the ashes of war, a democratic government has arisen, and the two governments are working to maintain a fragile peace. But a conspiracy lurks in the shadows, threatening to destroy everything Captain Arano Lakeland and his elite unit have fought to protect.

And when a coup d'etat overthrows the provisional Bromidian government, Arano finds himself trapped behind enemy lines. The Avenger leads an unlikely band of companions, fighting for their very survival, while their friends engage in a desperate race to learn who is behind the insurrection.

New Dawn is the sequel to my first novel, The Killing Frost. I started writing it in August of 2006, and actually completed it barely six months later. I signed the contract for it in August of 2007, and it was released in the spring of 2009.The book opens with Captain Arano Lakeland leading his special forces team against a band of pirates. One of the brigands escapes, and is later responsible for a series of bombings against the United Systems Coalition. Immediately afterward, an insurrection overthrows the Bromidian government, which Arano helped to establish in The Killing Frost. Arano, his wife Alyna, Laron Alstor, Videre Genoa, and Lain Baxter are trapped behind enemy lines.  While they lead a counterrevolution, the rest of his team discovers a vast interplanetary conspiracy trying to bring down the Coalition.

From the space battles and hand-to-hand combat scenes, to more of Lain Baxter's antics, to the mystery of the source of the conspiracy against the Coalition, I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as you did Frost.

"In the distant future, the United Systems Coalition with its numerous species and the Bromidian Empire were at war (see THE KILLING FROST). However the USC triumphed overthrowing the authoritarian rule of their enemy leading to a democratically elected government. One year later, both sides of the conflict celebrate the peace until assassins kill the visiting USC leaders and a coup d'etat takes down the Bromidian government.

"The son of the late deposed former ruler has prepared for the past year to retake the government with the help of people from the old regime. They are allied with pirates who are led by a new species assisting the new ruler consolidate his rule. The Avengers including Captain Arano Lakeland, his wife and some Bromidians are trapped behind enemy lines. They employ guerilla tactics to weaken the new government. A battle is space between the two forces occurs while the new species observes and waits for a chance to defeat the weakened both sides.

"This is an old fashion space opera though much of the plot occurs on planet-side. The USC forces try to overturn a government that came into power through force, terror and assassination although that coup especially the murders seems too easy even arguing that the USC became complacent. There are plenty of fights between the two sides and Arano and his comrades especially the Bromidians are heroic as they risk their lives to bring back the fledgling democracy. NEW DAWN RISING is a fun outer space military political science fiction novel. Readers will wonder what the new species' will do next."

~Harriet Klausner
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