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Rick Taubold on a novel for quite a while.  With both of us working full time jobs, and family and other commitments besides, coming up with the time for both of us to work on it can be difficult.  But we finally pulled it together with a reference book for writers of fiction.

Yes, there are hard and fast rules for English grammar.  Just ask any English teacher, and they'll tell you that grammar rules are as strict as math and science.  But when it comes to writing fiction, we're allowed to take certain liberties and change those rules from time to time.  We want our writing to flow smoothly, and not seem quite so stiff and formal.

So just how far can you go and not totally butcher the work?  Pick up Punctuation For Fiction Writers and find out.  True, if you're writing for a traditional publisher, they will likely tell you how many rules you can violate.  But if you're taking the independent route, it's totally on your shoulders.  Enter this book!

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