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The Omega Sacrifice

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This novel is one that I finished a few years ago. I had some conflicting ideas on how to promote it, so it has been passed to the proverbial back burner for far to long. But no longer.

It has been set for release on Friday, April 22. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it should be ready to go. Check back here often for some upcoming promotions!

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A break-in at the former residence of the leader of an evil cult. Terrorist attacks by The Trelaxian Unity Front. A direct assault on Torlos Science Station. These and other seemingly unrelated incidents coalesce into a massive conspiracy to conquer the Bivian Sector, and it is up to Captain William Taylor and the crew of Torlos Science Station to stop it. The events are coordinated between a fallen Guardian and a group of Torlosians trying to resurrect the Cult Of The Ancients. Their plot threatens to unleash the Nularians, the Planetary Systems Alliance’s greatest enemy, placing the entire sector in jeopardy.


The Omega Sacrifice

Coming soon!
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